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A sheep, exiled and excommunicated from her island community for her adventurous spirit, ends up in the city… Is it dangerous to be different? Can she find a new herd here? And can a sheep dance and sing like a superstar?

New street theatre show from the team at Jazzville Productions

Dance, comedy, theater

Touring this show in summer 2023, through Slovenia, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We are Jazzville Productions, an Irish theatre and production company, formed by bass player, composer David Duffy and dance artist Ksenia Parkhatskaya. Since our formation we have produced award winning work for film, stage, music and street theatre.

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  • suitable for all ages
  • beautiful expressive dance and music
  • delighted to support this new show
  • fun, accessible show
  • artistas con mucho talento
  • The versatility of Ksenia Parkhatskaya is unmatched
  • Creates a wall of social proof.
  • A must-have.
  • So simple, so elegant.

Selected for N.E.S.T 4 Nations Bursary program

  • Ksenia Parkhatskaya

    Creator & Performer

    Ksenia Parkhatskaya is an award-winning dancer, choreographer, actress andsinger who has worked with artists and projects as diverse as PostmodernJukebox, the Paris Opera Orchestra and Christian McBride Trio and has toured inover 35 countries. Ksenia is the most viewed Charleston and swing dancer online, with her collectiveviral videos having over 100+ million views.
  • David Duffy

    Music supervision & sound design

    David Duffy is a technologist, sound artist, researcher and educator with abackground in classical music, jazz, sonic arts, and human-computer interaction,specialising in creating pieces that combine audio and visuals in unique newways. He is the co-founder and a director of Eat My Noise, one of Cork's most prolificcross platform companies.
  • Sergi Estebanell


    Sergi Estebanell has been in the stage world for more than 15 years. Street theatre, humour and the use of non-conventional spaces is the main focus of his work. Sergi is a co-founder of the CIA. Kamchatka, company that has performed in 27 countries over 350 shows.

Production Credits

Created & Produced

Jazzville Productions


Sergi Estebanell


Sergi Estebanell, David Duffy, Ksenia Parkhatskaya

Music supervision & sound design

David Duffy

Costume design

Evgenia Parhatskaja

Set design

Spraoi Studios

"Ksenia Parkhatskaya est une artiste de renommée internationale connue pour être l’une des meilleures danseuses de Jazz au monde"


"Spraoi are delighted to support this new show by Jazzville productions. It is a fun, accessible show suitable for all ages, featuring beautiful expressive dance and music we look forward to presenting it at Spraoi Festival"

Niamh Colbert

Spraoi Studios

"Los creadores de la compañía Jazzville son artistas con mucho talento y una gran proyección en las artes de calle. Su nueva creación está llena de sorpresas, música, danza, humor y una composición musical de alto a nivel además de ofrecer un discurso y temática muy necesaria para nuestros tiempos"

Sergi Estebanell

CIA Kamchatka

"The versatility of Ksenia Parkhatskaya is unmatched. Dancer, choreographer, singer and actress; every talent she has under her belt she uses with ease"


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    29 - 30 June
    Ljubljana, Slovenija
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  • Spraoi

    4-5 Aug
    Waterford, Ireland
  • Surge

    11 - 13 Aug
    Glasgow, UK
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    18 - 20 Aug
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